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Your ultimate guide to Dubai’s kayak rentals and hotspots

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Dubai kayak rental is a great way to explore the city from the water. Kayaking in Dubai is an unforgettable experience that combines adventure, relaxation and a whole new perspective of the city. You can paddle across the gleaming waters, feeling the cool breeze against your skin and discovering the city’s iconic skyline.

From the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah to historic Dubai Creek, Dubai offers many scenic kayaking spots along its extensive coastline. You can choose from many options of kayak hires for any budget and even have a romantic paddling tour at night. In this article, I will tell you about the best Dubai kayak rentals, kayaking locations, prices and more. Read my tips and book your experiences below.

Best spots for kayaking in Dubai

The city’s diverse landscape offers a range of locations perfect for kayaking. From the stunning Palm Jumeirah to the vibrant Dubai Marina, Dolphin Bay at Atlantis and the majestic Hatta Dam, each spot offers a unique kayaking experience.

Here are the best Dubai areas for kayaking:

  • Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island that looks like a stylized palm tree from above. Paddle around its fronds and marvel at the luxury villas and hotels that line the shore. As you navigate these waters, you’ll enjoy incredible views of the Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Marina skyline.
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and Dubai Marina are perfect for those who prefer the hustle and bustle. With a backdrop of towering skyscrapers, you can paddle amidst yachts and speedboats, making for an exciting kayaking experience.
  • Jumeirah is another area along the Arabian Gulf with many beautiful sandy beaches and smashing views of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet, and Burj Al Arab with its characteristic sail-shaped structure.
  • Dubai Creek is a waterway that runs through the heart of old Dubai, showcasing the city’s rich history and fascinating heritage. You can paddle in quieter parts of Dubai Creek, soaking the stunning vistas.
  • Hatta Dam, located in the rugged Hajar Mountains, provides a stark contrast to the city’s urban landscape. It is one of the top Dubai kayaking spots. The dam’s calm turquoise waters set against the stark mountainous terrain make it a favourite spot for nature lovers. This place is outside the city, but if you have time left I suggest that you visit it.

Dubai Kayak Rental - Atlantis kayaking

What kayak types can you rent in Dubai

When it comes to kayaking in Dubai, you’re spoilt for choice. You can find a wide range of kayaks for rent in Dubai, accommodating different levels of expertise, group sizes and preferences.

  • Single kayaks are perfect for solo adventurers who prefer to control their own journey.
  • Tandem kayaks, on the other hand, are designed for two paddlers – ideal for couples or friends who want to share the experience.
  • Family kayaks that can fit up to four people are a fun and engaging activity for families to bond over.
  • Clear kayaks are a must-try for those seeking a unique experience. These transparent kayaks allow you to see right through to the water beneath, offering an extraordinary view of Dubai’s underwater world.
  • Sea kayaks are designed for open waters, offering stability and speed, perfect for exploring the sea around Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Marina.

Where to rent a kayak in Dubai

There are numerous places to rent a kayak in Dubai, which are located in popular areas that I have mentioned above. The best Dubai kayak rental companies include Crystal Clear Watersports, Hydro Water Sports Dubai, SeaYou Watersports, Sky & Sea Adventures and Hatta Kayak.

The good thing is that a lot of these options you can book online. I recommend doing it in advance to secure your spot and the desired time slot, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Choosing the right place to rent a kayak in Dubai depends on your location, the type of experience you’re looking for and your budget. Scroll down to compare and rent Dubai kayak experiences.

Dubai Kayak Rental - Kayakers

How much is kayak rental in Dubai

The cost of kayak rental in Dubai varies depending on the type of kayak, location and duration. Whether you are looking for cheap kayaking in Dubai or more luxurious options, there are plenty of choices. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from AED 70 to AED 150 per hour per person.

Regular single and tandem kayak rentals in Dubai are, of course, the cheapest ones. Clear kayaks are usually priced higher due to their unique nature. A clear kayak can cost anywhere from AED 120 to AED 200 per hour. If you choose to go kayaking with dolphins at Atlantis the Palm, be prepared to pay from AED 500 to AED 600, on average.

Similarly, guided tours tend to be a bit more expensive in comparison to regular hire. However, they provide added value in the form of expert guidance, safety instructions and often fascinating insights. Moreover, some rental companies also offer half-day or full-day rental packages, which can be a more cost-effective option if you plan to spend a lot of time on the water.

Have Fun Dubai’s Tip: Do you want to save money? Check out Dubai city passes, such as Go City Explorer Pass, which include some kayak rentals or tours.

Best Dubai kayaking experiences

Now, it’s time to reveal my list of the best Dubai kayaking experiences. Whether it’s paddling around Palm Jumeirah, gliding through the clear waters of Dubai Marina, experiencing the thrill of night kayaking or admiring the city’s panorama on a Dubai Creek kayak tour, choose below from many options and reserve your spot.

Palm Jumeirah kayaking at Dukes the Palm

Dukes the Palm Hotel boasts a prime location on Palm Jumeirah. You can paddle around the iconic Palm Jumeirah and enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantis resorts and the Dubai Marina skyline. You can rent either a single or a double kayak to cool off on the water. Moreover, life jackets and shower rooms are available.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Available kayaks: Single and tandem
  • Price: From AED 92 per person
  • Departure: Beach side of Dukes The Palm Royal Hideaway Hotel

Book your Palm Jumeirah kayak rental here

Dubai Kayak Rental - Palm Jumeirah

Clear kayaking experience in Jumeirah

This is a unique experience in a fully transparent kayak. As you paddle on the clear kayak, you can see right through to the aquatic life below, offering an entirely different perspective. Explore the gentle sandy coastline and marvel at the towering Burj Khalifa at the backdrop. If you want to add something extra to your experience, book one of the early time slots to enjoy the sunrise or the last slot to be blown away by the sunset panorama.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Available kayaks: Clear kayak for single or double use
  • Price: From AED 150 per person
  • Departure: Crystal Clear Watersports near Fishing Market Jumeirah 1

Rent your clear kayak in Dubai here

Dubai Kayak Rental - Clear kayak

Night kayaking in Dubai

Looking for a little more thrill? Dubai night kayaking is an unforgettable activity that will help you create special memories about the trip. You will paddle after the sunset in illuminated transparent boats under the starlit sky. With the city’s lights reflecting off the water and the Burj Khalifa views, the experience will be truly romantic and magical!

Moreover, kayaks are equipped with a JBL box, so you can connect your device via Bluetooth. Please note that this rental is available for a minimum of 2 participants.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Available kayaks: Clear kayak for double use
  • Price: From AED 376 per two persons
  • Departure: Crystal Clear Watersports near Fishing Market Jumeirah 1

Book your Dubai night kayaking here

Dubai Kayak Rental - Night kayaking

Dubai Creek sunset or night kayak tour

On this tour, you will depart from the new Dubai Creek Harbour development to explore the city’s old waterway with a guide. You will glide along the tranquil water towards the nature reserve and can spot birds. But the true gem of the tour is the charming view of Downtown Dubai at a distance. This is one of my favourite spots to enjoy Dubai sunsets.

  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Available kayaks: Single and tandem
  • Price: From AED 230 per person
  • Departure: Dubai Creek Harbour

Book your Dubai Creek sunset or night kayak tour here

Dubai Kayak Rental - Dubai Creek sunset

Kayaking at Hatta Dam

If you want to escape the city jungle, go to Hatta, a popular destination for many locals. You can rent a car in Dubai and travel at your own pace or join one of the Hatta tours. This tourist area offers many activities and you can also rent a kayak in Hatta. The calm turquoise waters of the dam, surrounded by rugged mountains, offer peace and serenity like nowhere else in Dubai.

Dubai Kayak Rental - Hatta Dam

Kayaking with dolphins at Atlantis the Palm

Are you a dolphin lover or just want to experience something new? In Dolphin Bay at Atlantis the Palm you will see these friendly animals swimming along your kayak. The area is not big when compared to the open sea, but it is worth a visit.

Kayak rental at Atlantis is not cheap, however, the trick is that your rental also includes access to the Aquaventure Waterpark on the same day. It is the largest and, in my opinion, the best waterpark in Dubai, so you have a day full of fun.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Available kayaks: Single
  • Price: From AED 500 per person
  • Departure: Dolphin Bay at Aquaventure Waterpark

Rent a kayak at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai here

Kayak rentals in JBR and Dubai Marina

If you’re staying around JBR or Dubai Marina, you’ll find several places to rent a kayak. In Jumeirah Beach Residences, you can find a variety of kayaks for rent, including single and tandem. Sky & Sea Adventures and Beach Riders Dubai are both great rental companies. They offer a variety of water sports equipment for rent, including kayaks and jet skis.

Choose a suitable Dubai kayak rental and enjoy your time on the water.

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