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Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai

Savoure Dubai's traditional delicacies at Al Khayma Restaurant

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Nestled in the heart of the old city, Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai is a charming oasis that promises a unique culinary journey into the past. This place is a treasure trove of traditional Emirati cuisine, where every dish tells a story about the rich cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Whether it is a fresh fattoush salad or lamb biryani, the legacy of local cuisine is preserved and celebrated with the utmost respect and love in this restaurant.

I had the chance to dine at the renowned Al Khayma Dubai Restaurant and I loved this venue. If you are not familiar with Emirati dishes, this is a great place to have them introduced to you. Not only will you have a delicious and sumptuous meal, but also learn more about the city’s culture and traditions. In this guide, I will tell you more about Al Khayma Dubai’s menu, prices and ambiance. Plus, I will share my tips for visiting the restaurant. This place exudes an aura of old-world charm, coupled with warm hospitality, making it a must-visit spot for both tourists and locals alike.

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Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant is located in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, one of the oldest districts in Dubai. This area is home to many historical sites and traditional buildings, making it a perfect location for a restaurant that aims to preserve and showcase Emirati culture. It’s indeed a perfect setting for Al Khayma, with its traditional architecture blending seamlessly with the historical ambiance of the district.

The Al Fahidi district is like a living museum, with its narrow, winding lanes and traditional wind-tower houses. As you stroll around the area, you will see multiple shops selling local goods, from spices to garments and pottery. Walk towards Dubai Creek to enjoy the views of local abras and dhow boats and for a moment forget about the hustle and bustle of modern Dubai.

Have Fun Dubai’s Tip: I suggest that you explore Al Fahidi and the neighbouring Al Seef area before or after visiting the restaurant. For example, after a hearty meal, you can take a leisurely walk around, visiting local art galleries and museums, including the Museum of Illusions, and traditional shops. It’s a complete cultural and culinary experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai - Al Fahidi neighbourhood

Cultural significance of Al Khayma Dubai Restaurant

Al Khayma restaurant has great significance for Dubai’s heritage. In fact, the name ‘Al Khayma’ itself means ‘tent’ in Arabic, symbolising the traditional Bedouin lifestyle that played a pivotal role in shaping Emirati culture and traditions.

The restaurant’s mission is to preserve and promote traditional Emirati cuisine, which is a vital part of the country’s cultural heritage. By serving local dishes in an authentic setting, Al Khayma Dubai is playing an invaluable role in keeping the Emirati culinary tradition alive.

The cultural significance of Al Khayma extends beyond its menu. The restaurant’s classic architecture, décor and ambiance are reminiscent of a bygone era. It’s a place where you can experience the warmth of Emirati hospitality.

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai - Entrance

The ambience at Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant

The ambiance at Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai is as unique as its menu. The venue’s interior is decorated with Emirati items that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The walls are adorned with old photographs, antique utensils and other artefacts that narrate the history of the UAE’s culture and cuisine.

Have Fun Dubai’s Tip: When you walk inside, you will find yourself in a huge dining hall where tables are set under real trees. There is another hall upstairs with a more intimate ambiance, but I would recommend staying in the main one because it is more impressive. Besides, you will be closer to the kitchen and the restrooms.

The seating arrangement is traditional. There are both regular tables with chairs and low tables with comfortable floor cushions, adding to the authenticity of the dining experience. The soft glow of the lanterns, coupled with the soothing Arabic music playing in the background, creates a relaxed and serene dining environment.

Despite its traditional setting, Al Khayma Restaurant Dubai is equipped with all modern amenities. The staff is friendly and attentive, always ready to assist you and enrich your dining experience with their knowledge about the food and its cultural significance.

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai - Dining hall

Al Khayma Dubai menu

The Al Khayma menu is a culinary journey into the heart of traditional Emirati cuisine. It features an array of dishes that represent the diverse culinary traditions of the United Arab Emirates. From hearty soups and flavourful appetisers to mouth-watering main courses and delectable desserts, the menu has something to cater to every palate. These dishes are prepared using authentic recipes and cooking techniques, ensuring a truly traditional dining journey.

The menu at Al Khayma Restaurant in Dubai is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive dining experience. It starts with a selection of traditional Emirati appetisers like Hummus, Mutabal (grilled eggplant with garlic salt and lemon juice), Chicken and Cheese Sambousa (deep-fried rolls) and Labneh Mint. Moreover, you can order a platter and try them all.

I loved the Lentil Soup, but Lamb Harees Soup (barley soup) and Seafood Soup are also very popular. Do try fresh delicious salads including Tabbouleh and Fattoush that go extremely well with the mains.

The main courses feature aromatic dishes like Lamb and Chicken Machboos (meat with saffron rice), Lamb and Chicken Biryani, Chicken Kebab, Lamb Kofta and Lamb Chops. The meat is very tender and juicy. Furthermore, Al Khayma Dubai offers vegetarian versions of Machboos and Biryani, as well as a long list of seafood dishes.

Have Fun Dubai’s Tip: Many main dishes have huge portions, so ordering one for two persons to share might be a good idea (unless you are a big eater, of course). This way you can save money and prevent food from going to waste.

The meal is concluded with a selection of traditional desserts and beverages offering a splash of authentic local flavours. Taste Halwa Al Jibin rolls with mozzarella, semolina and pistachio, crispy sweet Luqaimat balls coated with date syrup, Date Tart and even a Camel Milk Ice Cream. And you can’t leave without trying the famous Karak Tea (massala chai). Bon appetit!

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Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai - Lamb biryani

Dining Experience at Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant

Dining at Al Khayma restaurant in Dubai should be on your bucket list while visiting the city. The venue’s ambiance, the food and the warm hospitality of the staff collectively create an unforgettable experience.

You will be greeted at the door and guided to your table. As mentioned above, I find the main dining hall more impressive and interactive, so try to get a table there. Moreover, there is an entertainment program from time to time, which includes music performances and henna painting.

You will get a digital tablet menu with pictures and descriptions, which is handy. If you have any questions, the staff at Al Khayma is knowledgeable and passionate about Emirati cuisine. They are always ready to explain the dishes, their ingredients and their cultural significance.

The restaurant is clean and has all modern facilities. Furthermore, the service is fast and the portions are big, so you will definitely not leave hungry. It’s a great experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai - Table

Dubai Al Khayma’s prices

In terms of pricing, Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Dubai offers excellent value for money. Given the quality and authenticity of the food, coupled with the unique dining experience, the prices are quite reasonable. Especially if you compare them to main tourist places. The average cost for a meal for two at Al Khayma Dubai is around AED 200-250, which is quite affordable considering the overall dining experience.

The restaurant also offers a variety of set menus and meal deals, providing an excellent option for those who want to try a variety of dishes at a reasonable price. Would you like to save money? Then book Al Khayma restaurant set menus via my links below.

  • Breakfast tray price: AED 47 per person

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  • Lunch or dinner price: AED 89 per person (choice of salad, main course and water), AED 116 per person (choice of soup, salad, main course and water), AED 144 per person (choice of soup, salad, main course, desert and water)

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  • Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant opening hours: 08:00 to 23:00


  • Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant address: Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, 79 Al Mussallah Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How to get to Al Khayma Restaurant

  • By metro: Take the Dubai Metro to Sharaf DG metro station (green line) and then walk for 10 minutes
  • By bus: You can take bus number 6 to Fahidi, Roundabout 1 or Bastakia 1 stops
  • By car: You can park your car absolutely free at the nearby Al Seef underground parking

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