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Time-travelling guide for the Dubai Museum of the Future with exhibition, ticket and location information

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The Museum of the Future Dubai (or MOTF Dubai) opened on 22.02.2022 next to the busy Sheikh Zayed Road. The date was selected specifically, as it reads the same both forward and backward, and the phenomenon is known as a palindrome. This groundbreaking new museum in Dubai invites you to experience the world of tomorrow, today. As one of the most advanced and innovative museums in the world, the MOTF Dubai offers unparalleled insight into the future of technology, human potential and global challenges.

Join me on a journey into the heart of this futuristic museum in Dubai, as we delve deeper into its breathtaking design, captivating exhibits, tickets, location information and my experience review. So, let’s not waste any more time and take a tour of Dubai’s Museum of the Future.

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Dubai Museum of the Future design and architecture

The first thing that strikes you about the Museum of the Future is its remarkable design. This architectural masterpiece is the brainchild of renowned architect Shaun Killa and his team at Killa Design, who has masterfully crafted a striking structure that encapsulates the essence of Dubai’s ambition and innovation. The distinctively toroidal shape of the building, with its magnificent stainless steel facade, has already become an iconic landmark on Sheikh Zayed Road. National Geographic even named it one of the most beautiful buildings on Earth.

The museum has a height of 77 metres and spans 30,000 square metres. Its revolutionary design is primarily known for its striking facade featuring intricate windows. The catch is that the windows form a poem in Arabic.

What is written on the Museum of the Future Dubai? Inscribed on the gleaming exterior of the museum are the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai. These poetic verses consisting of 3 quotes serve as a reminder of the museum’s mission to inspire and empower our collective journey into the future.

Those three quotes are:

  • We won’t live for hundreds of years, but we can create something that will last for hundreds of years.
  • The future will be for those who will be able to imagine, design and build it, the future does not wait, the future can be designed and built today.
  • The secret of the renewal of life, the development of civilization and the progress of humanity is in one word: innovation.

Museum of the Future Dubai - Facade poem

Museum’s interior

The interior of the Museum of the Future is no less impressive. With a total floor space of 30,000 square metres, the museum boasts an elegant and futuristic design that seamlessly integrates technology and sustainability. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be immersed in a world of wonder and imagination, where the boundaries between the past, present and future blur into a fusion of art, science and human endeavour.

Be prepared to see flying objects in the main atrium, an elegant helix staircase and elevators that look more like a scene from a science fiction film. The flowing, organic design of the atrium, with its gentle curves and sweeping lines, evokes a sense of fluidity. The use of natural light, sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and inspiring.

Moreover, as you explore the museum’s various levels, you’ll encounter a range of interactive installations and immersive experiences that will transport you to the world of tomorrow. From virtual reality simulations to holographic displays and AI-driven interactive exhibits, the museum’s interior is designed to engage, educate and inspire visitors.

Museum of the Future Dubai - Elevator

How to claim the wristband to enter the Museum of the Future

Before venturing into the futuristic realm of the new museum in Dubai, you’ll need to obtain your wristband — your key to unlocking the wonders within. To claim your wristband, simply present your Museum of the Future Dubai tickets at the designated counters or special machines in the lobby.

Have Fun Dubai’s Tip: Do not remove the wristband until the end of your visit. It not only grants you access to the museum but also serves as your personal guide, providing tailored information and experiences based on your interests and preferences. After you have obtained the wristband, join the queue to the elevator and get ready to be transported into the year 2071!

Museum of the Future Dubai - Main atrium

What is inside the museum: top exhibitions

The MOTF Dubai is home to a fascinating array of exhibits and experiences, each one designed to engage, enlighten and inspire. You will start on Level 5 and then gradually descend to Level 1. Here are the top exhibitions you won’t want to miss during your visit:

OSS Hope

First, you will embark on an incredible journey through the solar system aboard the OSS Hope, a state-of-the-art spacecraft designed to explore the farthest reaches of our universe. You will be assisted by the virtual avatar Aya. This immersive, multi-sensory experience will transport you to the very edge of human discovery, where you’ll encounter breathtaking celestial phenomena and gain a deeper understanding of our place in the cosmos.

There are many interactive exhibits, and you can even try on the role of one of the spaceship crew members. Do not forget to take a camera with you!

Museum of the Future Dubai - OSS Hope

Heal Institute

Time to get back to Earth. At the Heal Institute on Level 4, you’ll discover the ecosystems and the future of medicine and healthcare, as cutting-edge technology and innovative research transform the way illnesses are diagnosed and treated. Through interactive exhibits and hands-on experiences, you’ll learn about the latest advances in medical science, from personalised medicine to groundbreaking gene-editing techniques.


Al Waha Wellness Area

Step into the serene Al Waha Wellness Area on Level 3, where you’ll explore the future of well-being and learn how to harness the power of nature to enhance your mental and physical health.

From immersive soundscapes and therapeutic light installations to innovative mindfulness techniques, the Al Waha Wellness Area offers a soothing and rejuvenating retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. If you like meditation, this section of the futuristic museum in Dubai is for you.

Tomorrow Today

In the Tomorrow Today section on Level 2, you’ll come face-to-face with the technologies that are shaping our world, from AI and robotics to biotechnology and renewable energy. Among the exhibits, there are cars, drones, robotic delivery gadgets and gravity jet suits.

This interactive exhibition provides a unique glimpse into the innovations that will define our future, as well as the opportunities and challenges they present.

Museum of the Future Dubai - Tomorrow today

Future Heroes

Children under the age of 10 have a dedicated section in Dubai’s Museum of the Future, called Future Heroes. They will be encouraged to explore and play in three ways: Imagine, Design and Build. Children are engaged through interactive play, which allows them to go on tasks and collect badges along the way.

Museum of the Future Dubai - Spiral staircase

Museum of the Future Dubai tickets

What is the entrance fee to the Museum of the Future in Dubai?

  • Museum of the Future Dubai ticket price: AED 149, free entrance for children under 4 and visitors with disabilities

To experience the wonders of the museum, you’ll need to purchase a ticket. I highly encourage you to book your Museum of the Future tickets in advance, as they are extremely popular and are often sold out on the visit day. They are for certain time slots, and closer to the date of the visit your options will be limited. Use the link below to purchase Dubai Museum of the Future tickets.

Book your Museum of the Future Dubai tickets here


  • Dubai Museum of the Future opening hours: 10:00 to 21:30


  • Dubai Museum of the Future address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Museum of the Future is located on the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, in the heart of Dubai. Its prime location makes it easily accessible from various parts of the city, and the museum’s distinctive design ensures that it’s impossible to miss.

How to get to the Dubai Museum of the Future

Reaching the Museum of the Future is a breeze, thanks to Dubai’s well-connected public transport system.

  • By metro: Take the metro to the Emirates Towers station and walk via a footbridge directly to the museum.
  • By taxi: You can take a taxi or use a ride-hailing service like Uber or Careem to reach the museum with ease.
  • By bus: Take bus routes 27, 29 or X22 to the Emirates Towers bus stop.
  • By car: You can drive to the parking lot under the museum or use valet services.

Museum of the Future Dubai - Footbridge from the metro station

What other attractions can I visit nearby

The MOTF on Sheikh Zayed Road is surrounded by many Dubai’s landmarks and attractions, therefore there are plenty of things to do. Some of the must-visit attractions near the Museum of the Future in Dubai include:

  • Burj Khalifa: The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa offers breathtaking views of the city and beyond from its observation deck on the 124th, 125th and 148th floors. Book your Burj Khalifa observation deck tickets here
  • Dubai Mall: One of the largest shopping malls in the world, the Dubai Mall offers a wide range of retail, dining, and entertainment options, including an aquarium and an ice rink. Book your Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo ticket here
  • Dubai Fountain: Located outside the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain is a stunning water and light show that features choreographed performances set to music every evening from 18:00. Moreover, you can take an abra ride around the fountain lake or enjoy the show closer from the boardwalk. Book your Dubai Fountain Lake abra ride here
  • Dubai Opera: A world-class performing arts venue, the Dubai Opera hosts a variety of concerts, ballets, operas and theatre productions throughout the year. Book your Dubai Opera walking tour here
  • DIFC: Dubai International Financial Center nearby is full of popular bars and restaurants, so you can easily combine your museum visit with a night out.
  • Dubai Frame: This towering golden building is the world’s biggest picture frame. I love the observation deck on top, as it allows you to see the wonderful panorama of both traditional and modern parts of Dubai. Book your Dubai Frame tickets here
  • Dubai Garden Glow: Located about a 15-minute ride away, the Dubai Garden Glow is a beautiful light and art park full of installations made from LED lamps. This unique attraction, especially adored by kids, is great to visit after it gets dark. Book your Dubai Garden Glow ticket here

Dubai Museum of the Future FAQ’s

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Museum of the Future in Dubai:

  • What is the Museum of the Future?

The Museum of the Future is a state-of-the-art museum in Dubai that explores the future of technology, human potential and global challenges through interactive exhibits and immersive experiences.

  • Where is the Museum of the Future located?

The Museum of the Future is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • What are the top exhibits at the Museum of the Future?

Some of the must-see exhibits at Dubai’s Museum of the Future include OSS Hope, Heal Institute, Al Waha Wellness Area, Tomorrow Today and Future Heroes.

  • How can I buy tickets for the Museum of the Future?

I recommend buying your tickets in advance via the link above, as they are extremely popular.

  • Is there a dress code for the Museum of the Future?

There is no specific dress code for the Museum of the Future in Dubai, but visitors are advised to dress modestly and respectfully.

  • How long does it take to visit the Museum of the Future?

I recommend planning at least 2 hours for your visit to the MOTF Dubai.

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