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MG Worlds of Adventure Dubai is the largest indoor theme park in the world. Occupying almost 140 thousand square metres, IMG Worlds Dubai boasts over 20 thrilling rides and attractions. This colossal facility is fully air-conditioned and promises a unique blend of adrenaline and entertainment.

At this Dubai amusement park, you will come face to face with your favourite Marvel superheroes and funny characters from Cartoon Network animation films. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a movie buff, a comic book enthusiast or simply a child at heart, IMG Worlds of Adventure has something for you. In this article, I will provide you with helpful information about IMG Worlds Dubai tickets, prices, rides, attractions, location, timings and more. Moreover, I will compare IMG Worlds of Adventure with Motiongate Dubai, another famous theme park in Dubai.

Is IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai visit worth it: pros and cons

Check my quick overview of the pros and cons below to make a balanced decision.


  • Year-round entertainment: In my view, one of the biggest advantages of visiting IMG Worlds of Adventure is that the theme park is open all year round. With a variety of indoor rides and attractions, you can have a great time irrespective of the weather outside.
  • Unique experience: IMG Worlds Dubai offers a unique experience. With its Marvel, Cartoon Networks and other themed zones and thrilling rides, it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for something different.
  • Less crowded: Compared to other theme parks in Dubai which I visited, IMG Worlds of Adventure is less crowded, which means shorter wait times for rides and attractions.


  • Limited options for non-thrill seekers: While IMG indoor theme park has plenty of thrilling rides and attractions, the options for non-thrill seekers are limited. If you’re not into roller coasters and other high-speed rides, you may find that there isn’t much to do.
  • Not suitable for toddlers: I would recommend this Dubai adventure park to families with older kids. Most of the rides are not suitable for toddlers, and the entrance to the Haunted Hotel zone is only open to visitors aged 15 and above.

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What is IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai and what makes it famous

IMG Worlds of Adventure, often simply referred to as IMG Dubai, with its 20+ rides is the world’s largest air-conditioned indoor theme park. This colossal covered amusement park in Dubai was opened in 2016 and spans an area equivalent to 26 football fields. IMG Worlds Dubai features a thrilling collection of rides, attractions and entertainment acts inspired by iconic franchises from the worlds of Marvel and Cartoon Network, as well as IMG’s own original zones like Lost Valley and the Haunted Hotel.

What sets IMG Worlds of Adventure apart from other theme parks in Dubai is its sheer size and the diversity of its offerings. Here, you can swing through the streets of New York with Spider-Man, battle villains with The Avengers, take a prehistoric journey to the land of dinosaurs or enjoy a day of fun with characters from Cartoon Network. Plus, with a variety of themed retail outlets, dining venues and live entertainment, every moment spent at IMG Worlds of Adventure promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai - Velociraptor ride

What age is IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai for

In general, IMG Worlds of Adventure is designed to appeal to all age groups. Whether you’re a teenager seeking adrenaline-pumping thrills, a child eager to meet your favourite cartoon characters or an adult looking to relive your childhood dreams, the IMG theme park in Dubai has something for everyone.

The Marvel and Lost Valley zones are perfect for teenagers and adults who crave heart-stopping rides and immersive 4D experiences. The Cartoon Network zone, on the other hand, is a paradise for younger children, with plenty of opportunities to interact with beloved characters.

However, this amusement park is probably not the best fit for toddlers, with most rides having a minimum height restriction in the range of 120 to 130 cm or allowing shorter kids only accompanied by an adult. If you are with toddlers you can visit the inflatable IMG Kids Zone for an additional fee. Check out Dubai Motiongate amusement park which is more suitable for younger kids or Legoland Dubai theme park, specially designed for kids aged 2 to 12.

Theme park zones

IMG Worlds of Adventure is divided into six exciting zones:

  • Marvel
  • Cartoon Network
  • Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure
  • The Haunted Hotel
  • IMG Boulevard
  • IMG Kids Zone

Each of them has its own unique theme and offers a range of rides, attractions, dining venues and retail outlets. In the Marvel zone, you can join the ranks of your favourite superheroes and take part in action-packed adventures. From battling villains alongside The Avengers in Avengers Battle of Ultron to soaring high above the city with Spider-Man in Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge, every ride in this zone is a thrilling adventure.

The Cartoon Network zone, on the other hand, is a fun-filled paradise for kids and kids at heart. Here, you can embark on a wild ride with Finn and Jake in Adventure Time – The Ride of OOO with Finn & Jake or join Gumball and Darwin in The Amazing Ride of Gumball.

The Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zone transports you back in time to a world inhabited by over 70 life-sized dinosaurs. The Velociraptor coaster is the star of this zone, propelling you from prehistoric jungles to the dark depths of the earth at mind-boggling speeds.

IMG Boulevard is the heart of the park, offering a slew of attractions, dining venues and shops that cater to visitors of all ages.

If you got excited and would like to know more about IMG Worlds rides and attractions, then join me on a little tour around its zones. Otherwise, jump to the IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets section.

Marvel Zone

The moment you step into the Marvel Zone at IMG Worlds Dubai, you find yourself in a universe filled with superheroes, action and adventure. As a fan of Marvel heroes, I was thrilled to see my favourite characters spring to life at this IMG theme park.

The highlight of the Marvel Zone for me was the Avengers: Battle of Ultron ride. In this immersive adventure, you will join Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America and the Hulk in an epic battle against the villainous Ultron. With its cutting-edge 3D technology, this ride was nothing short of a heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping experience.

Another must-try ride in the Marvel Zone is Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Revenge. As you swing through the city with Spider-Man, you can almost feel the wind in your hair and the rush of adrenaline as you help your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man battle the evil Doctor Octopus. Trust me, the Marvel Zone is a universe filled with excitement and adventure.

List of Marvel IMG Worlds rides and attractions

  • Avengers: Battle of Ultron (height restrictions: 130 to 208 cm / 105 cm for a child accompanied by an adult)
  • Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Revenge (height restrictions: 120 cm and above / 105 cm for a child accompanied by an adult)
  • Hulk Epsilon Base 3D (height restrictions: 100 to 195 cm)
  • Thor Thunder Spin (height restrictions: 140 to 195 cm)
  • Avengers Flight Of The Quinjets (height restrictions: 120 cm and above / 105 cm for a child accompanied by an adult)

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai - Thor Thunder Spin

Lost Valley Zone

Next, I ventured into the Lost Valley Zone at IMG Worlds of Adventure, a prehistoric world filled with over 70 life-size animatronic dinosaurs. If as a child, you were captivated by these magnificent creatures, then Lost Valley will bring back those fond memories.

The Velociraptor was my first stop in this Jurassic jungle. This coaster catapulted me from the prehistoric jungle out into the desert of Dubai itself at a heart-stopping speed of 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Now that’s what I call a thrill!

Next came The Forbidden Territory, where I came face-to-face with some of the most fearsome dinosaurs. The heart-pounding excitement coupled with the stunning visuals made this one of my favourite Dubai IMG Worlds rides.

List of Lost Valley IMG Worlds rides and attractions

  • Velociraptor (height restrictions: 130 cm and above)
  • Predator (height restrictions: 125 cm and above)
  • The Forbidden Territory (height restrictions: 130 to 208 cm / 105 cm for a child accompanied by an adult)
  • Dino Carousel (height restrictions: 105 cm and above)
  • Adventure Fortress (height restrictions: 125 cm and above / 95 cm for a child accompanied by an adult)
  • Dinosareum (height restrictions: 90 to 125 cm)

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai - Lost Valley

Cartoon Network Zone

For the ’90s “kids”, the Cartoon Network Zone at IMG Dubai is a delightful blast from the past. Here, you can meet your favourite characters like Ben 10, the Powerpuff Girls and the lovable residents of LazyTown. This zone was a vibrant celebration of all things fun and animated.

The Ben 10 5D Hero Time is an immersive experience that makes you feel like a part of Ben’s world. The interactive ride combines 3D visuals with thrilling physical effects, creating an unforgettable experience. I also took a spin on the Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage, where I joined the girls in their fight against evil.

Being in the Cartoon Network Zone was like reliving my childhood, but with a thrilling twist. It is a nostalgic, fun-filled journey that both kids and adults would undeniably enjoy.

List of Cartoon Network IMG Worlds rides and attractions

  • Ben 10 5D Hero Time Dino Carousel (height restrictions: 130 cm and above)
  • Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage (height restrictions: 135 cm and above / 125 cm for a child accompanied by an adult)
  • Adventure Time – The Ride of OOO With Finn & Jake (height restrictions: 130 cm and above / 105 cm for a child accompanied by an adult)
  • The Amazing Ride of Gumball (height restrictions: 120 cm and above / 105 cm for a child accompanied by an adult)
    LazyTown (height restrictions: 90 cm and above)

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai - Cartoon Network

IMG Boulevard Zone

The IMG Boulevard Zone is the welcoming zone of this Dubai indoor theme park. Filled with a variety of dining options and unique retail outlets, this zone is a great place for a brief respite between thrilling rides.

One of the highlights of the IMG Boulevard is the Adventure Photography. Here, you can have fun posing with your favourite Marvel or Cartoon Network character in a variety of exciting backdrops using the Green Screen. Moreover, there is a Boulevard Express train that will take you on a journey around the zone.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai - IMG Boulevard

The Haunted Hotel Zone

For those who enjoy a good scare, The Haunted Hotel Zone at IMG Dubai theme park is a must-visit. I must admit, I was a bit anxious as I stepped into this haunted mansion, but the thrill-seeker in me couldn’t resist.

Navigating through the labyrinth of rooms is a heart-pounding experience. The attention to detail in the set design and the spine-chilling special effects make this a truly immersive experience.

Have Fun Dubai’s Tip: The entrance to the Haunted Hotel is possible for park visitors aged 15 and older. Kids aged 15 to 18 years must prove their age, so do not forget to bring an ID card, as it will be required.

IMG Kids Zone

Last but not least, the IMG Kids Zone of this fun park in Dubai is a colourful and vibrant space specially designed for the little ones. Here, children can meet and interact with their favourite characters like Dora the Explorer, Diego and Backyardigans.

The IMG Kids Zone is a safe and exciting inflatable playground for children to jump, slide, explore and have fun. The rides are designed to be kid-friendly, ensuring that even the youngest members of the family have an unforgettable experience at the IMG Worlds of Adventure. Remember, that the entrance to the zone has an additional fee.

  • IMG Kids Zone entrance fee: AED 50 per hour, AED 100 per day

IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets

When planning your visit to the largest temperature-controlled indoor themed entertainment destination in the world, you will need a ticket. There are several IMG Worlds ticket options: single-day general entrance tickets, annual passes, a VIP package and an IMG Kids Zone entrance ticket. For general admission, I recommend booking IMG theme park tickets online to avoid any stress while visiting. All other ticket types are only available on-site. So, how much is a Dubai IMG Worlds of Adventure ticket?

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure ticket price: AED 345 for general admission, free entrance for children below 105 cm

Book your IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets here

IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park tickets include access to all rides and attractions, but entrance to the IMG Kids Zone requires an additional fee.

  • Deal Alert: Are you looking for IMG Worlds of Adventure ticket discounts and offers? Klook regularly provides IMG theme park combo tickets which include a free meal voucher, complimentary hotel transfer or free entrance to other top Dubai attractions, such as Dubai Frame. Click the link above to see all available IMG World of Adventure special deals and promotions, which can make your visit even more affordable.

Restaurants and cafes

One of the highlights of a visit to IMG Worlds of Adventure is the wide variety of dining options available. There are more than 25 themed restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the IMG theme park Dubai, catering to all tastes and dietary requirements.

The IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai restaurants and cafes offer a mix of international cuisines, from American fast food to Italian gelato, Arabic specialties and Asian delights. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack, a hearty meal or something sweet, you’re sure to find your favourite. Furthermore, food carts are available throughout the park for those who want to snack while exploring the attractions.

Here is the list of IMG Worlds dining options:

  • Tony’s Skydeck (Marvel Zone, International/Italian)
  • Chang’s Golden Dragon (Marvel Zone, Chinese)
  • Mama Scano’s Of Yancy Street (Marvel Zone, Italian/pizza)
  • Downtown Shawarma (Marvel Zone, Arabic)
  • Hotdog Express (Marvel Zone, Fast-food)
  • Captain Scoop (Marvel Zone, Ice-cream)
  • Popping Popcorn (Marvel Zone, Popcorn)
  • Spice Valley (Lost Valley Zone, International/Indian)
  • Carnivore Hut by Wingstop (Lost Valley Zone, Fast-food)
  • 360 Express (Lost Valley Zone, Fast-food)
  • T-Rex Berry (Lost Valley Zone, Ice-cream)
  • Hotdog Express (Lost Valley Zone, Fast-food)
  • Fruit Station (Lost Valley Zone, Fruit)
  • CN Feast (Cartoon Network Zone, International)
  • Mr. Smoothy (Cartoon Network Zone, Diner)
  • Richard’s Around the World Café (Cartoon Network Zone, International)
  • Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito (Cartoon Network Zone, International/Mexican)
  • Crepe Construction Zone (Cartoon Network Zone, Crepe)
  • Powerpuff Ice Cream Parlour (Cartoon Network Zone, Ice-cream)
  • Sports Candy Station (Cartoon Network Zone)
  • Popcorn Factory (IMG Boulevard Zone, Popcorn)
  • Boulevard Gourmet (IMG Boulevard Zone, International/Indian/Chinese)
  • Samosa House (IMG Boulevard Zone, Indian)
  • Flavours of Arabia (IMG Boulevard Zone, International/Arabic)
  • The Coffeehouse (IMG Boulevard Zone, Coffee)
  • Bean Stop (IMG Boulevard Zone, Coffee)
  • Waffles on Wheels (IMG Boulevard Zone, Sweets)

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai - Restaurant


After a day of excitement and adventure at IMG Worlds of Adventure, why not take a piece of the magic home with you? The IMG Worlds shops offer a vast range of merchandise from all your favourite franchises. From Marvel superheroes to Cartoon Network characters, there’s a souvenir for everyone. You can find everything from apparel and toys to collectibles and home decor.

List of IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai shops

  • Marvel Universe (Marvel Zone)
  • Empire News and Comics (Marvel Zone)
  • Avengers Exchange (Marvel Zone)
  • Daily Bugle Company Store (Marvel Zone)
  • Marvel Vault (Marvel Zone)
  • The Explorer’s Supply (Lost Valley Zone)
  • Raptor Outpost (Lost Valley Zone)
  • LV Retail Cart (Lost Valley Zone)
  • Cartoon Network Store (Cartoon Network Zone)
  • The Amazing World of Gumball – The Store (Cartoon Network Zone)
  • Lazy Store (Cartoon Network Zone)
  • World of Candy (IMG Boulevard)
  • IMG Emporium (IMG Boulevard)
  • Adventure Photography (IMG Boulevard)

Other facilities and services

Beyond the rides, attractions, dining and shopping, IMG Worlds of Adventure also offers a variety of other facilities and services to ensure a comfortable and convenient visit. They include:

  • Locker rental (small, large and jumbo)
  • First aid
  • Toilets
  • Information desk
  • Stroller rental
  • Wheelchairs
  • VIP tours
  • Birthday parties
  • Private events


  • IMG Worlds of Adventure opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 12:00 to 22:00, Friday and Saturday 12:00 to 23:00 (subject to change seasonally)

Please note that the Haunted Hotel Zone is open from 15:00 to 21:00.

What is the best time to visit IMG Worlds of Adventure

The best time to visit IMG Worlds of Adventure depends on your preferences and schedule. If you want to avoid crowds, weekdays are less busy than weekends. In general, this Dubai amusement park is less crowded.

As for the best time of the year to visit, keep in mind that IMG Worlds Dubai is a year-round indoor theme park. This makes it a perfect destination also during the hot summer months when outdoor activities in Dubai can be unbearable.


  • IMG Worlds of Adventure address: E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (near Arabian Ranches, next to Global Village), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How to get to IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure vs. Motiongate Dubai theme park

Which theme park is better: IMG Worlds of Adventure or Motiongate Dubai? When it comes to choosing between IMG Worlds and Motiongate, many tourists have a bit of trouble. IMG Worlds of Adventure and Motiongate Dubai are two of the most popular amusement parks in Dubai. But no worries, I will help you to decide quicker and stress-free.

IMG Worlds of Adventure stands out with its focus on popular franchises like Marvel and Cartoon Network, making it a hit among comic books and cartoon enthusiasts. It also boasts the title of the world’s largest indoor theme park, ensuring a comfortable experience regardless of the weather.

Motiongate Dubai, on the other hand, brings Hollywood to the Middle East, featuring attractions based on popular movies from studios like DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures and Lionsgate. If you’re a movie buff, this park might be more appealing to you. Moreover, it is located within Dubai Parks and Resorts featuring Legoland Dubai water park and theme park. You can also visit them on the same day or even stay at one of the resort’s hotels for a couple of days to extend the fun.
Here is a helpful comparison table between the two:

IMG Worlds of Adventure Motiongate Dubai
Opening year 2016 2016
Total area 140 thousand sq m 180 thousand sq m
Opening hours Sunday to Thursday 11:00 to 20:00, Friday and Saturday 11:00 to 21:00 (subject to change) Sunday to Thursday 12:00 to 22:00, Friday and Saturday 12:00 to 23:00 (subject to change)
Location Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (closer to Downtown Dubai) Dubai Parks & Resorts, Sheikh Zayed Road (further away from Downtown Dubai but closer to Dubai Marina)
Theme Superheroes, animation films, dinosaurs and ghouls Hollywood-inspired blockbuster films and cartoons
Number of attractions 20+ 40+
Thrill level High Moderate to High
Age groups All (but less suitable for toddlers) All
Indoor/outdoor Indoor, air-conditioned Both indoor and outdoor
Public transport No metro Metro + shuttle bus
Ticket price AED 345, children below 105 cm enter for free AED 295, children under 3 enter for free
Book tickets here Book tickets here

What are the best amusement and theme parks in Dubai other than IMG Worlds of Adventure

Other attractions and things to do nearby

If you have more time in your itinerary, there are a number of other attractions and things to do near IMG Worlds Dubai:

  • Dubai Global Village: Just a few minutes away, you can explore Dubai Global Village. This entertainment and shopping park boasts dozens of pavilions representing over 80 countries, as well as shows, playgrounds and theme parks. Visit IMG Worlds in the afternoon and then continue the day of fun at Global Village, opening at 16:00. Global Village in Dubai operates from October to April, so tickets are available seasonally. Book your Dubai Global Village tickets here
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: Just 15 minutes ride away and you will find yourself in a totally different world full of vibrant colours and fragrances. Take a stroll in Miracle Garden, a beautiful seasonally opened outdoor garden filled with unique floral displays made of 150 mln flowers. This is the largest flower park in the world. Book your Miracle Garden tickets here
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden: Adjacent to Miracle Garden, Dubai Butterfly Garden features 15,000 colourful flying creatures. It is the largest covered butterfly park in the world. Book your Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets here
  • Dubai International Stadium: Check out Dubai International Stadium, a multi-purpose arena that hosts various sports and entertainment events.
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club: Try your golf skills at the Arabian Ranches, a prestigious golf club offering a challenging course and great facilities.

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